About Us


about-herodogboxHeroDogBox is a family owned company based in San Diego, California. Robbie, Beverly and Riley started HeroDogBox with the mission of introducing quality products to dogs and their families, while helping shelter/rescue dogs find their forever homes. We truly take pride in our boxes of goodies and want 100% of our customers to be satisfied with our service. Our blue merle Australian Shepherd, Riley is our HeroDogBox spokesdog and quality control expert. He has a hard job to do, as he has to be the first tester of all of the goodies to make sure they meet our standards! It is a tough job but some dog has to do it!

All HeroDogs Deserve the BEST…

We truly believe all pups are heroes! They do so much for their families… providing unconditional love, companionship, and endless hours of entertainment… that they deserve nothing but the best! That is why we spend hours upon hours doing research to find the best products and bring those products to you at a more affordable cost.

Along with ensuring you have a happy HeroDog we do all we can to help dogs still waiting to find their forever homes at rescues/shelters. We contribute needed items to featured dogs and do our best to get their availability known in the hopes that we can help connect them with their future family.

Personal Touch…

Since we are a small company, we strive to give you that personal touch you may not be able to find with other companies. We go the extra mile, providing you with excellent customer service and making sure things are done right so you are always satisfied with your monthly surprise HeroDogBox of goodies. Our main goals are that you enjoy doing business with us, your HeroDog is happy with the goodies and you are able to see how you have become a hero to dogs that are seeking their forever homes.