HeroDog of the Month – Feb 2014

gableMeet Gable! Have you ever seen such a handsome dog?! Look at those gorgeous eyes! But you know the saying- “beauty is only skin deep”. Well, Gable may be handsome, but he also has a spectacular personality. Good looks and all around awesome- what more could you want in man’s best friend? He is a laid back dude who loves sitting next to you. A good cuddle is high on his list of priorities in life. He does great with medium to large dogs. He loves to play, but does not get overly rambunctious! He has great house manners. Still doesn’t sound like the PERFECT dog yet? I forgot to mention how smart he is! He will listen intently and seems to understand every word you are saying.

gable-julyHow was SHR lucky enough to gain such a sweet and intelligent boy in our program? Well, Gable’s previous “owners” obviously didn’t recognize how amazing he truly is- he was dumped and left all alone to fend for himself on the mean streets of Houston. He would follow anyone who would talk to him. Nice people in the neighborhood had been feeding him but were unable to get a leash on him. Our volunteers went out to get him and his new life began. He wasn’t so sure about them putting the leash on him. Unfortunately, he had learned that it was hard to trust anybody when you are just trying to survive. However, after a few treats he figured out they were ok, and was off to a much better life! He LOVES car rides, and rides so perfectly in the car. That part of Gable’s life is over and he is moving forward.

gablehugsGable is a 4 year old, sweet male Bull Terrier/Great Dane/American Bulldog mix (per his DNA results!)

Would you like to foster this awesome boy? He would be so happy to be part of a family again! Better yet, would you like to adopt Gable? He is neutered, microchipped, and vaccinations up to date.

If you are interested in fostering or adopting Gable, please contact us at info@scoutshonor.org. You can read all about our foster and adoption process, as well as make a donation for his care, on our website at scoutshonor.org. As always, Scout’s Honor pays all costs associated with fostering, and if requested, the foster can receive a tax deduction receipt from Scout’s Honor for all of his or her own documented expenses related to fostering.

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