Stuck Indoors? Tips for Keeping Your Pup Entertained During Snow & Rain

If you are a dog lover, then you are probably familiar with the frustration that comes from poor weather. When it rains or snows, Fido is stuck indoors, and you are left with a canine that has a predisposition to cabin fever.

For most of us dog owners, it only takes a few days of foregoing walks, trips to park, or letting your pup out to run around your fenced yard before you get desperate. Sometimes dogs will start to act out (destroying your house, or forgetting the fact that they are potty trained) to try and get your attention to communicate that they are bored. Try these tips and tricks you can do inside your home to keep your HeroDog active and attentive.

  1. Try out a doggie puzzle. These interactive plastic toys are specifically designed to keep your dog’s attention by forcing them to use their brainpower to find the hidden treats. Often used in crowded animal shelters to keep the dogs from becoming depressed, these hidden compartment style puzzles can be a great way to exercise your dog’s mind when he can’t exercise outdoors.
  2. Work on basic commands and tricks with your dog. While it may seem like mundane work to you, practicing basic commands like sit, stay, down, and heel with your dog will probably leave him exhausted—both physically and mentally!
  3. Arrange a doggy play-date. If your canine companion is missing the company of his own kind, have a friend or neighbor’s dog visit for an hour or two. There is no doubt they can keep themselves occupied.
  4. Go for a car ride. Sure, you may have to leave the windows rolled up, but if you have to run a short errand, your dog will appreciate getting out of the house for a few minutes as much as you will.
  5. Fill up an empty water bottle with small treats and see how long it takes your pup to figure out how to turn it the right way to get the treats to fall out. This can also work with empty paper towel holders (just fold up the ends) or tissue boxes. You could even place some kibble inside of washcloth with a knot tying it together.

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